Bitcoin’s Wild Ride

The price of Bitcoin has been on a wild ride in 2017, starting the year around $700 and recently have crossed over $7,300. It seems anything is possible with this roller coaster rise and at these prices swinging a few hundred dollars down and up, up and down can happen in hours, or even minutes. If you have been a long term investor of bitcoins then you’ve done pretty well for yourself. But when is enough enough? This question has the financial community in the middle of a great debate. Some financial schollars are calling bitcoin a bubble with the likes of Robert Schiller and Jamie Dimon on the bearish side while others like Josh Brown of CNBC on the bulls side being an investor in the cryptocurrency. At some point you profit taking makes sense especially as 2017 is coming towards an end but only time will show the outcome.

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Even the subject of “real BTC” is up for debate as bitcoin has seen several forks this year and there are now several versions of the cryptocurrency including Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, Bitcoin2x and BTC with the community in disagreement as to which version can be called the real bitcoin. All of these forks (or splits) have created additional versions of bitcoin and therefore increased the supposedly limited supply of 21 million bitcoins. If your a bitcoin casino gambler the majority of online casinos accepting bitcoins are currently accepting BTC however we expect that some casinos will soon be accepting Bitcoin Cash in the near future. Stay tuned to for the latest news and events surrounding bitcoin.

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