The Best Bitcoin Casino Review Source in 2017

Bitcoin had a pretty awesome year in 2017 rising from $700 to over $11,000 in less than 12 months. The number of search engine queries for bitcoin and everything to do with it has also increased as well. As bitcoin has grown into a household name more people are beginning to play at bitcoin casinos in hopes of winning their personal fortunes.

2017 was the year of Bitcoin as this hot cryptocurrency became mainstream and realized one of the most impressive rises of personal wealth in history for people all over the world. So why play casino games for bitcoin when the price keeps going up?

There are several reasons why bitcoin casinos have been on the rise in 2017. The biggest reason is because it makes it easier to send payment to casinos and faster to withdraw winnings. Because of this Bitcoin casinos have been on the rise big time in 2017. But there is also another interesting part. Some players are leveraging the rapid price appreciation of Bitcoin as a factor in their gambling bankroll. Let’s say that you deposit 1 BTC with an online casino and start to play some slot machines. Let’s suppose that after a few days of gambling in the casino you’ve lost .1 BTC and have .9 BTC remaining. That would be a 10% loss with a traditional fiat currency. But in the same time, bitcoin’s price could have risen 20% in that same time period. If BTC was valued at $5,000 when the player made their initial deposit and rose 20% to $6,000 by the time they decided to cash out, then they could actually receive a net gain instead of a net loss. $6,000 times .9 BTC would then be valued at $5,400.

This is just an example case scenario but we’re illustrating what can happen with playing bitcoin casino games. Of course there are an infinite number of ways this could play out. The player could lose the entire bitcoin or they could double their bankroll up to 2 BTC all of which will change the math. The bottom line is bitcoin casino sites are quickly becoming popular with online gamblers that are wisely using its price appreciation as a hedge against the risk of gambling and as leverage for times when their winning in the casino.

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